Aimee LeBlanc

Conference Speaker Bio


Aimee LeBlanc

Administrative Program Specialist, LHC

  • (225) 763-8700




Aimee LeBlanc is an Administrative Program Specialist at the Louisiana Housing Corporation. She works extensively with local governments and providing agencies throughout the State of Louisiana to ensure the homeless population and those at risk of becoming homeless receive the services they need. She is well versed in the federal regulations and standards that are required to successfully provide emergency solutions.

Prior to her work with LHC Aimee served in customer relations and education.  She understands the most valuable asset to the corporation are the constituents and partners that are dedicated to providing holistic services for individuals and families in need.  She works endlessly training and building strong positive rapport with all that are involved in this work.

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Aimee enjoys spending quality time with family and friends. She also spends time creating and facilitating events centered around empowering women.

Aimee is available to provide training and technical assistance for Emergency Solutions Grants Program providers.  You can reach Aimee at: