Crystal Kirby

Conference Speaker Bio


Crystal Kirby

Region Support Manager, Emphasys

  • Housing Locator


Crystal brings 12 years of extensive industry experience with HFAs, state and regional housing agencies, disaster housing response, and affordable and accessible housing programs. Since joining the Housing Locator in 2006, she has helped rollout and implement customized housing locator solutions in statewide and regional markers across the country.

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Crystal also helps drive innovations in the housing locator suite of products and services to meet the needs of clients and programs across various markets. Crystal also helps to manage the Housing Locator project pipeline to ensure resources are allocated effectively and contract deliverables are met.

Responsibilities: Supports housing agencies across the country to help launch, promote and maintain their custom Housing Locator services and solutions. Oversees and manages project pipelines and works directly with IT staff to meet deliverables and deadlines.