Holly Knight

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Holly Knight

CEO, BGC Advantage

  • holly@bgcadvantage.com


As a former US Department of Housing and Urban Development employee, Knight brings technical experience and competence in both housing redevelopment and community revitalization. She is a certified mixed-finance professional. A graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government Public Administration program and a highly awarded disaster recovery and rebuild professional, Knight has worked as BGC developer/consultant to secure over $600 million in financing sources in the past 4 years for public housing authorities converting through RAD.

These projects are in rural and urban areas across the south and southwest. These projects consist of both 9% and 4% tax credit projects as well as projects that needed to leverage debt only as part of their revitalization efforts. As a HUD Sustainability Subject Matter Expert, she has assisted numerous developments with redesign and financing. Her experience with design, build and sustainable technologies assisted with her redevelopment of over 3,500 units of affordable housing in the Gulf Coast after Katrina and makes her an asset when working with HACT projects.