E. Keith Cunningam, Jr.

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Edselle Keith Cunningham, Jr. (Keith) serves as the Executive Director for the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC); appointed by the LHC’s Board of Directors in January of 2017. Keith is committed to fulfilling the mission of the agency in providing housing opportunities for all people in the State of Louisiana.

Over the last ten years, Keith has served LHC in many capacities. Prior to his appointment, he served as Interim Executive Director, Executive Counsel, and General Counsel where he managed bond financing, legislation, trial law, court procedure and established policies and procedures for state agencies. As Executive Director, Keith provides leadership and vision to ensure LHC effectively manages its programs, assists Louisiana residents in solving housing needs, and works toward achieving LHC’s mission.

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E. Keith Cunningham, Jr.

Executive Director, LHC

  • lhc.la.gov

  • (225) 763-8700

  • kcunnigham@lhc.la.gov