Larry St. Amant

Conference Speaker Bio

Larry St. Amant

Director, Louisiana Association of Community action Partners

  • Louisiana Association of community Action Partners


Larry St. Amant is Executive Director of the Association of Community Action Partnerships of Louisiana, or ACAP as it is commonly known. As a human service professional, Larry believes in the power of people to overcome their circumstances. Consequently, he enjoys coordinating ACAP’s training and advocacy efforts for Louisiana’s 42 Community Action Agencies, as they work to ameliorate the pain and suffering of poverty and to move people from poverty to prosperity.

Louisiana Community Action Agencies provided services to over 255,000 low income individuals in 2018 and 75% of them lived below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Astonishingly, 35% of the families served by the network were in severe poverty, -below 50% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

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