Na'Tisha Nelson Natt

Conference Speaker


As the Director of Public Affairs, Na’Tisha Natt manages the statewide marketing and communications activities of the Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC).Since joining the LHC, Na’Tisha has spearheaded efforts to raise awareness about the importance of affordable housing and LHC’s resources that aim to provide decent, safe and energy-efficient housing for working families and individuals, veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities or experiencing homelessness.

In 2019, she spearheaded Louisiana's first all-inclusive housing conference, Connections, which garnered more than 500 attendees from parishes and across the United States. As a result of her visionary leadership, Connections has become a nationally recognized and award-winning conference.

Na’Tisha has been actively engaged in regional and statewide economic development activities, as well as stakeholder and legislative relations.

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NaTisha Natt

Na'Tisha N. Natt

Director of Public Affairs, LHC



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