Rhett Covington

Conference Speaker Bio


Rhett Covington

Assistant Secretary, Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections

  • (225)-342-1231

  • rcovington@corrections.state.la.us


Rhett Covington is the Assistant Secretary for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections (DPS&C).  He has served in this position under Secretary James Le Blanc since December, 2014, and formerly served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Reentry since 2009.  He was a Probation & Parole supervisor and agent for 15 years in the Baton Rouge area. Among other duties while in these capacities, he was the Community Resource Coordinator for the Baton Rouge District of Probation & Parole.  Mr. Covington is an advisory member of the Louisiana Sentencing Commission and previously co-chaired the Reentry & Evidence Based Committee. He is the DPS&C’s designated representative on the Louisiana Reentry Advisory Council and on the Workforce Investment Council, and is involved in efforts to create and expand local and regional reentry coalitions throughout the state.  He previously served on the Board of Directors for the Capital Area Reentry Coalition.  He currently leads the Prisoner Reentry Initiative within the DPS&C to review and revise the reentry continuum and all associated policies and regulations.

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