Conference Sessions

As an all-encompassing housing conference, CONNECTIONS will cover an array of topics designed to put housing first. The conference will kickoff on April 2 at the Hilton Convention Center in Downtown Baton Rouge with the HousingFirst Roundtables. On day two we will conduct a series of concurrent breakout sessions as part of our 6 track housing series. Finally, to bring it all together we will then convene one last time on April 4, for an open dialogue of what we’ve learned at the Community Connections panel.

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  • April 2, 2019
    - LHC Board Meeting
    - Homelessness Working Group and Governor’s Council on Homelessness Meeting
    - HousingFirst Roundtable
    - Networking Reception
  • April 3, 2019
    - Conference Track Sessions
  • April 4, 2019
    - Community Connections: The Round Up
    - Homelessness Working Group and Governor’s Council on Homelessness Meeting

Conference Day 1


LHC Board Meeting (open to the public)

We invite you to begin by joining us at the Louisiana Housing Corporation Board Meeting, which is open to the public. The LHC Board of Directors will meet handle the business of the Corporation and discuss the status of housing around the state.

Homelessness Working Group and Governor's Council on Homelessness Meeting (members only)

Creating new solutions to end homelessness requires thinking outside of the box. Come learn about Home Together a new strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness. Home Together was created by the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness.

HousingFirst Roundtable

It’s time to talk about what really works in affordable housing. The HousingFirst Roundtable is purposefully designed to mix up and connect thought leaders from varied disciplines to share information about barriers, examine resources, and talk about holistic community-driven affordable housing solutions.

For communities to be successful, affordable housing is not just about putting a roof over someone’s head; rather, it is about providing holistic approaches that are inclusive to education, health, jobs, and transportation opportunities.

The HousingFirst Roundtable will provide a unique opportunity to network, collaborate, and understand what resources are available and how to access them.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you discover new resources, build connections that result in new partnerships and either build off of housing models that work or develop new innovative housing solutions.

Our hope is that you meet someone new, learn about a funding source that you’ve never heard about, begin conversations about pairing resources, and talk about ways we can better serve the citizens of Louisiana.

Conference Day 2

Housing Development

  1. Making the Grade, Understanding LHC’s Process: Are you looking for opportunities to fund your next housing development? LHC has developed several programs to support the development, rehabilitation, and preservation of affordable housing. Get the inside track on LHC’s process and latest funding opportunities. This session is ideal for experienced and new affordable housing practitioners or anyone who has an interest in housing.
  2. Win Big in Small Communities, Leveraging Federal Subsidies: Developing affordable housing in small communities can be challenging, but the LHC has been making significant strides to make the process easier. Learn how to strategically leverage federal subsidies to create more affordable housing in small communities.
  3. Housing Credits Basics, Breaking Down the Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP): Are you interested in breaking into affordable housing, but unsure about what it takes to get started? If this sounds like you, make plans to attend this session. Gain a better understanding of housing credits, how they work, and the rules and regulations that govern them.
  4. Preservation Through Partnership, Reclaiming Louisiana’s Housing Stock: With the need for affordable housing on the rise, those working expand and preserve Louisiana’s affordable housing stock need a wide range of resources and commitment from the public and private sector. Developers must weave together federal, state, and local funding sources; employ state and municipal policy tools; and collaborate with stakeholders. While acquiring and rehabilitating existing affordable housing is complicated, it can be done! Learn how to develop inclusive, community-driven strategies to overcome barriers housing preservation.
  5. What’s Next? Investing in Green Building! Sustainable construction has become increasingly popular over the last few years as developers and homeowners attempt to make their projects and homes more energy efficient. Join us to learn best practices on design, construction, and how to meet green building standards.


  1. Want More Customers? Close More Deals with LHC Homeownership Programs: The real estate market is growing more competitive every day, and to be successful, you have to stand out amongst the competition. Position yourself as an affordable housing expert to close more deals. Learn about LHC’s new marketing opportunities for real estate agents.
  2. Want to Increase Loan Production? Become an LHC Preferred Lender: To be a successful loan officer, you need a steady flow of new and repeat customers coming through your door. Becoming an LHC preferred lender can help you grow your book of business and boost sales. If you are ready for more business opportunities, look no further. This session is for you!
  3. Louisiana’s Real Estate Outlook and Trends: What does the future of Louisiana’s real estate market look like? Gain important insight on how to be successful in an unpredictable housing market.


  1. Know the Rules, How to Stay in Compliance: Understanding federal rules and regulations are critical to maintaining compliance. During this training, LHC compliance experts will conduct an in-depth review of the 2019 Housing Credit Manual. Topics will include both long-term and new compliance rules, strategies for effectively maintaining compliance, the importance of recording tenant data, and so much more.
  2. Lay the Right Foundation, Adhering to Labor Compliance Laws: Keeping up with all of the labor laws can be a challenge, especially when they are constantly changing. HUD joins LHC for an informative discussion on how to effectively adhere to Section 3, Section 5, and apprenticeship compliance standards.
  3. Fair Means Fair, Staying Abreast to Fair Housing Laws: Non-compliance with fair housing laws can carry huge consequences. Unlawful discrimination can cost you not only significant sums of money, but also your reputation. Leading fair housing experts will share best practices to help you avoid unlawful and unintended discrimination.

Energy Empowerment

  1. Improving Homes, Improving Families through Rehabilitation and Weatherization: There are many obstacles to coordinating weatherization and rehabilitation programs, but it can be accomplished under the right conditions. Join HUD and LHC to learn what measures have been taken to mitigate the complexities of coordinating these services.
  2. Is Your COOP Ready if Disaster Strikes Today: Planning fosters recovery and survival in and after emergency situations. Developing a Continuity of Operations Plan ensures that your organization is prepared when a disaster strikes. In this session, you will learn the in’s and out’s of developing a COOP.
  3. What’s Working and What’s Not? The CAP Agency Roundtable: Community Action Partners play an important role in building strong communities. But, adhering to the day-to-day responsibilities of a federal contract, while striving to meet the needs of the community can be challenging. It will tackle the highs and lows of administering the Weatherization Assistance Program, and you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts on how to improve processes. If you want your voice heard, this is the session for you.

Community Connections

  1. Advancing Affordable Housing for Residents within Your Community: Many communities struggle with identifying viable solutions to help their residents resolve their housing challenges. In some cases, it is a result of a lack of resources, but in other cases, it is a lack of not knowing. The LHC offers a number of resources designed to create and improve affordable housing, but most community leaders are unaware of them. And, the LHC wants to change that. Learn how the LHC can help your community thrive by placing HousingFirst.
  2. Join Louisiana’s fight the Blight Challenge: Addressing blight is essential to improving affordable housing. While resources are limited for creating new housing units, rehabilitating blight properties presents an opportunity to place critical housing stock back into commerce. Hear how LHC is taking major steps to obliterate blight and how you can join in.
  3. Building the Local Workforce Through Labor Skills Training Program: Are you looking for new workforce development opportunities for residents within your community. Through its state of the art center, the LHC offers a hands-on weatherization training course. This rigorous 120 hour course provides the basic training needed to deliver the complete scope of weatherization services in Louisiana. Learn how this course can create employment opportunities residents within your community.

Homelessness Solutions

  1. Not Just a Number, How to Use the VI-SPDAT in Coordinated Entry: Do you know the right and wrong ways to use the VI-SPDAT in a coordinated entry system? Learn how the proper workflow can quickly prevent homelessness, support self-resolution, and return to housing.
  2. Housing Focused Outreach: Louisiana has experienced much success with its Housing First pursuit to end homelessness. Now its time to advance to housing focused outreach. Learn how housing-focused outreach differs from conventional outreach, key elements of a successful housing-focused outreach model, and key tips for outreach workers.
  3. Improving Housing Stability and Reducing Returns to Homelessness: There is no one size fits alls answer to ending homelessness. But, there are proven strategies that significantly improves homelessness outcomes. Learn the best practices that will help ensure that people will remain housed.
  4. Making Rapid Rehousing Work for People with No or Fixed Income: Can Rapid Re-Housing work for people with no income or very low fixed income? The answer is yes! Hear how local providers are successfully helping these households retain housing.
  5. What is an Effective Diversion Strategy? Best Practices Revealed: Diversion has become a critical part of conversations on how to end homelessness. But, what does it really mean? Learn how strategically define, structure, and implement diversion as a critical component of your homeless response system. LHC will, for the first time, unveil its new diversion project.

Conference Day 3

Community Connections: The Round Up

For two days, we’ve have the opportunity to explore how we can improve the state of housing as an individual and from a regional perspective. Now it’s time for an open dialogue about what we’ve learned, to share thoughts and ideas, and ask the tough questions about improving affordable housing in the State of Louisiana.

Led by a panel of industry experts, Community Connections will provide the back drop for a rich dialogue about housing policy, strategic initiatives, and economic development. This is your time to hear from industry insiders, ask questions and learn best practices.

Post Conference:

Louisiana Services Network Data Consortium (LSNDC) Board Meeting - members only 

It’s time time of year again for the LSNDC’s bi-monthly board meeting. Join LSNDC for this special meeting to discuss key accomplishments, program updates, and new initiatives in the works.

Please note that topics and content are subject to change.